About Us

The Mission

To provide useful and informative information to first-time condo buyers.

The Concept

No one likes finishing reading a webpage only to feel they didn’t learn anything.  A condo purchase is a serious decision that requires a good understanding of many factors to be successful.   We strive publish informative content that goes into details and helps first-time condo buyers.

The Founders

Fred Davidson – After spending an entire summer painting homes, I used my hard-earned money to buy a condo and be done with renting.  Unfortunately, the experience wasn’t very positive.  Useful information on buying condos was hard to find.  Now that I have experience in real estate, I decided to create a website with real and informative content.

Fred is the co-founder of Cosmos Realty, a consulting firm specialized in residential investment.  Fred quickly developed a specialty in providing expert advice on condo developments to clients.  After guiding friends with personal condo purchases via email, Fred decided to collate the advice into a website.  SimpleCondoAdvice.com was born.

Russel Brewer – With two parents working as real estate agents, I was exposed to the world of buying and selling condos at an early age.  My first job in the family business was looking at condo corporation financial statements and putting the numbers in spreadsheets for my parents to analyze!  I truly believe in the condo lifestyle and love helping first-time condo buyers make the right choice.

After graduating from finance, Russel was drawn back into the real estate industry to take over the family business.  Since, Russel has specialized in the condo niche in some of Canada’s hottest real estate markets.  Russel has helped clients find their dream properties in areas ranging from quiet suburbia to bustling downtown cores.